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As water moves through the ground, it picks up minerals and other small impurities. These impurities in the water when used for cleaning are left behind when the water evaporates in the form of white streaks and spots. 

Water Purification


There are three main stages of water purification:


Water Softening

If your water is hard you will need the water softener (T.D.S. reading 150+)
This swaps the calcium and magnesium, which makes the water hard, for sodium, which is obtained from common salt.

We have found in our experience that this stage can be eliminated if desired, although it can be fitted to costumer requirements.


R.O. (Reverse Osmosis)

The next stage, Reverse Osmosis, is the most important. It involves the pre-filtration of tap water by removing particulates, down to the microns and the removal of chlorine. The RO membranes hate it, and damage will be caused if not undertaken.

So the tap water is first of all pre-filtered with a sediment filter and a carbon filter then under pressure passed over the synthetic membrane were the pure water is piped over to storage and the waste with the impurities carried off to drain.

By means of this method some 90-98 % of impurities can be removed.



Water is pasted through a small polishing vessel of two synthetic deionising and demineralising resins.

The water is then passed through the D.I. resin vessel where it is polished to pure water ready to be tanked and used. Using the T.D.S. meter can check the final purity of your water.

The water used is the same water that we use to clean solar panels

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